The Data Preparer wrangling platform is available for download for use on your own computers.  The free trial version of Data Preparer has the following features:

  • Hands-off data preparation: no programming or hand-crafting of rules.
  • User context: results reflect your priorities.
  • Data context: data preparation informed by data relevant to your problem.
  • Provenance: results are annotated with how they were produced.
  • Data integration: combines data from multiple collections.
  • Format transformation: reformats attribute values to match data context examples.
  • Data repair: corrects omissions using data context examples.
  • Data sources: can import data from comma-separated-value files and relational databases.


The license for the free download allows Data Preparer to be used for business evaluation purposes, for 90 days.  We are interested in hearing of your experience with Data Preparer, and will provide best-effort email support.

The Future

The Data Preparer Personal Edition will be available for purchase from January 2020. The Personal Edition will include a 1:1 online training session to ensure you can make make full use of Data Preparer for adding value to data.

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