Wrangling Data with Data Preparer

Data Preparer supports an end-to-end data wrangling process:


Data Preparer automatically identifies data sets that can be used to populate a target.


Data Preparer searches the ways that data sets can be combined to populate a target.


Data Preparer automatic reformats attribute values to increase consistency.

Start for Free

A free trial is available .

Software Download

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Free 30 day trial. Monthly and annual licenses.


All versions of Data Preparer have the following features:

In addition, paid subscriptions include:

The interactive interfaces are made available for Windows and Mac as installers. Command line and Linux versions require that Java 8 or later is installed on the host computer.  Best effort support is provided for users of the Trial Version. 

Note that, in line with out Privacy Policy, The Data Value Factory does not hold payment card details, which are handled exclusively by our payment gateway, Stripe.

Full details on the functionality of Data Preparer are in the User Manual, which is available with example scenarios on the Resources page.

Consultancy / Partnering

In addition to software, we can provide consultancy to inform the use of Data Preparer, or on wider aspects of adding value to data.  Furthermore, if you have a product or service that might benefit from integration with Data Preparer, we are happy to discuss partnerships, for example based on licensing agreements or co-development partnerships.