Free Trial

A free 30-day trial version of the Data Preparer wrangling platform is available for download for use on your own computers.  The free trial version of Data Preparer has the following features:

  • Hands-off data preparation: no programming or hand-crafting of rules.
  • Data integration: combines data from multiple collections.
  • Format transformation: reformats attribute values to match data context examples.
  • Data repair: corrects omissions using data context examples.
  • Explanation: all decisions made by the software are visible.
  • Steering: the decisions made by the software can be revised.
  • Provenance: results are annotated with how they were produced.
  • Data sources: can import data from comma-separated-value files, relational databases, Excel files.
  • Interfaces: interactive and command line.
30 Day Trial Version
Windows, Mac, Linux

The trial version imposes certain restrictions on the numbers and sizes of data sets that can be used. In particular, the maximum number of sources is 50, the total number of rows is 50,000 and the maximum number of attributes per source is 50. The license for the free download allows Data Preparer to be used for business evaluation purposes, for 30 days.  We are interested in hearing of your experience with Data Preparer, and will provide best-effort support through the Help Desk in the login area.