A week's worth of manual data preparation in minutes

Reducing time to insight with intelligent data preparation

Obtaining value from data

A New Approach to Data Preparation

Our Data Preparer software provides a new approach to preparing data for analysis. In Data Preparer, you describe what you need, and the software works out how to produce it.

Hands-off Data Preparation

Data Preparer wrangles data without laborious hand-crafting of data preparation programs. In Data Preparer, you:

Describe what you need

Provide data sources, a target structure, quality priorities and example data. The target structure and quality priorities make explicit what you need. The example data provides evidence that is used by Data Preparer to clean and integrate the data.

Hand over to Data Preparer

Data Preparer explores how the data sources relate to each other and the target, and populates the target from the sources. Data Preparer explores different ways that the sources can be combined, and reformats data to increase consistency.

Refine the result

Provide feedback on the result or revise priorities, and Data Preparer will derive a new result. Data Preparer captures provenance, so it is clear how every result has been produced. This allows you to refine how the data is produced without reprogramming.

Applying Data Preparer

Data Preparer can be applied in a variety of use cases, including:


Identifying and understanding relevant entities in a collection of sources for integrated analysis.

Outside Insight

Identifying how external data sources can be combined with internal data to provide context for analysis.


Bringing together the different sources of data of some type within an organisation to give a more complete picture.

Who Should Use Data Preparer?

Data Analysis

Data Scientists

People tasked with analysing data sets, potentially for a third party.

Integrated Data Analysis

Knowledge Workers

Application specialists who need to combine data sets within their area of expertise.

Big Data

Data Engineers

People tasked with understanding available data and creating new data products.

The Opportunity

Data Scientists are employed to obtain insights from data. However, surveys report they spend 80% of their time preparing data for analysis. Our Data Preparer software takes on lots of the heavy lifting.

Save Time

Data Preparer saves time by automating much of the decision making required when preparing data for analysis.

Unlock Value

Data Preparer unlocks the value in data by searching for ways of combining and cleaning data sets.



Data Preparer is available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Free 30 day trial. Monthly and annual licenses.